First Blog Post

For my first proper blog post I wanted to speak about the reasons why I got into teaching. Over the next few blog posts I will be going into more in depth conversation about the different types of classes I teach, why I chose to teach them and why I think they are beneficial. 

I first started dance around the age of 14 after many years of singing in various amateur dramatics group. I started with the IDTA following the three disciplines, tap, ballet and modern jazz. From then I went onto study contemporary dance and physical theatre at college alongside musical theatre, this which I carried on to study at a BA level. During those three years is where I started to find a love for both choreography and teaching. This included work with Cumbria Girl Guides, teaching extra classes at the University and also choreographing my first full scale performance in a theatre. From this I decided to move to London to study a MA in Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Whilst studying this degree part time I started volunteering at Dance on Broadway, a local dance school in Deptford, where I continued to pick up my IDTA qualifications where I left them before going to university.  Once gaining my first teaching experience I then started branching out into other areas and gaining other qualifications in both dance and fitness teaching. 

When I first started dancing of course I had the “dream” of dancing and singing on stage. I would say that never really went away it’s just that’s it not as important to me anymore. Choreographing my first full scale performance “Neo-Plasticism” really ignited a passion in creating, teaching and presenting my own work. This I would say has really been the forefront for wanting to pursue teaching. As the saying goes “Those who can’t do, teach” and I really whole heartedly disagree. I truly believe you have to have a desire to teach. You have to be willing to meet new people each day, to stand yourself in front of them and deliver something that they will remember. One job I had through university was working at a Center Parcs, one of the many things that stuck with me from that job was the idea of ‘creating magic moments’. This can literally be applied to any aspect of life. Now I’m not saying that every time I teach I’m trying to achieve “magic” but I do want people to go away with some positive aspect, whether that’s a new skill, the notice of progression or just pure enjoyment. The qualifications I have gained since my masters degree may not be as academically equal, however I chose to do these individual courses for a reason. 



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Scott Matthews